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Idea #1821

Container Building With Wheels 
– Smart Home Brand

Idea #1822

Sneaker Tech-Accessories Brand

Idea #1823

Modular Headphones Brand

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untoldideas helped over 2,100+ people improve their brainstorming ability and unlock new business & product ideas. Cancel anytime.

Audrey Stevenson
Audrey Stevenson


Swapping Instagram feed for untoldideas feed was a game-changer. Streaming through countless innovative concepts daily, my perspective has transformed dramatically. Now, I find myself naturally generating epic business ideas. This app truly rewires your brain for creativity and innovation!

Fred Rodriquez
Fred Rodriquez


I am absolutely thrilled with the daily influx of fresh product and business ideas! This community consistently fuels my entrepreneurial spirit - it's truly a game-changer!

Bennett M. Miller
Bennett M. Miller


Securing business product ideas has never been simpler, thanks to this incredible community. Not only does it offer a plethora of ideas, but it also stimulates my creativity in areas like advertising and marketing. It's a fantastic community for any aspiring entrepreneur - I can't recommend it enough!

Laura Ferguson
Laura Ferguson


Within just a couple of days of streaming ideas on this community, I found a gem that resonated with me. I'm now in the thrilling process of turning that idea into a business. I couldn't be more excited - this community is a game-changer!

Maya G. Gabrieli
Maya G. Gabrieli


untoldideas has delivered more than just a business idea for me. The business's product-service model I claimed is so ingenious that I'm now in the process of creating a similar product. It's been an incredibly inspiring and valuable resource!

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The Art Of The Start

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– by Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotler

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– by Jim Collins

The Lean Startup

– by Eric Ries


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untoldideas - Your springboard to creativity and success. We're a dynamic community of innovative minds, committed to unlocking the potential of your creativity and giving it a purpose.

untoldideas isn't your typical social feed. Forget the fleeting pleasure of scrolling through TikTok or Instagram. Here, we prioritize substance and personal growth over mindless entertainment. We encourage the cultivation of ideas that inspire, transform, and transcend the boundaries of the mundane. Our community thrives on sharing creative concepts, sparking dialogues that stimulate the mind and wire your brain for future creativity. It's a fertile breeding ground for untapped ideas waiting to unfurl into full bloom. But it doesn't stop at idea generation. We believe in the power of execution.

untoldideas provides invaluable business insights to help you mold these innovative thoughts into concrete projects. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur planning your first startup or a seasoned freelancer ready to take on the next challenge, UntoldIdeas provides the fuel to ignite your journey.

Our ultimate goal? To help you transition from being a passive consumer of content to an active creator, innovator, and executor. Because we believe in the magic of ideas, especially the ones that have yet to be told.

UntoldIdeas: Witness the birth of creativity, nurture its growth, and celebrate its execution. Your journey from idea inception to successful realization starts here.

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